EDON Fiberglass Green Building contribution

Fiber composite materials may continue to be preferred over traditional construction materials as environmental sustainability becomes more important in the long-term.

Savings can be accrued at the systems level due to faster construction thereby causing less distress and disruption to the community, lower dead weight requiring smaller and lighter substructure as well as lighter construction equipment.

Product contributes to USGBC LEED-NC v2.2 credits

Materials and Resources MR Credit 5 - Local/regional materials

Energy Performance EA Credit 1 - Optimize energy performance

Innovation and Design Process ID Credit 1- Innovative design features

LEED® Advantages of EDON Fiberglass

  • Lightweight product reflects a reduction in transportation time and costs.
  • Using an integral color which is factory applied, reduces the need to use paints.
  • Material lasts longer and requires much less maintenance than standard building materials.
  • Repair costs are generally lower than most materials.
  • Green building has become an increasingly important focus for New Construction in Commercial and Residential projects.

    The benefits and many advantages of Architectural Fiberglass makes it a versatile choice not only because of its low maintenance and strength, but also for its resistance to corrosion and deterioration.


    Items exhibit great strength, are pervious to extreme climates and DO NOT corrode or rot.


    Compared to most architectural items there is little to no maintenance required at all.

      What Is LEED®?

      The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

      LEED® is a third-party certification program which is nationally accepted as the benchmark for the design, construction and operation of buildings.

      "Encourage and accelerate global adoption of sustainable green building and development   practices through the creation and implementation of universally understood and accepted   tools and performance criteria.

      Who Uses LEED®?
      Interior Designers, Construction Managers, Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects and Government Officials are some of the professionals who use LEED®. LEED® projects are currently ongoing in 41 countries.
    EDON LEED contribution
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