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Historic Reproductions and Restorations

EDON has the ability to replicate items to meet your design requirements
Fiberglass provides a durable and economical solution to preserve history.

Historic and Preservation Committees nationwide are using FRP as a solution to their restoration needs.

Many if not all of the original materials used on a Historical Reproduction are not available or have become cost prohibitive.

Comparison between FRP and other materials:

    • Compared to Aluminum, Concrete and Steel, pound for pound, FRP is stronger than all of them.
    • Concrete, Stone or Terra Cotta elements, because of their heavy load, require heavy steel framing or additional structural reinforcement.
    • Because of the light weight of FRP, approximately 1 to 3 lbs/sq. ft., support framing is generally provided using wood blocking or a galvanized steel/aluminum system.
    • FRP can be painted in the field or have a specific color molded directly into the piece.
    • FRP resists corrosion and is virtually maintenance free, making the cost for maintenance after installation almost non-existant.

   Regent Terrace - Philadelphia, PA
   Regent Terrace - Philadelphia, PA



Balustrade Replacement
Church of the Holy Trinity
Philadelphia, PA

Cornice Reproduction
First National Bank
Philadelphia, PA

Other notable Reproduction and Restoration Projects:

Project Product
Widener Building, PA FRP cornice, capitals, moldings and replica of State Seal to match existing facade
St Joseph's University, PA FRP reproductions of spires to replace original concrete
Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA FRP light fixtures to replicate original cast iron
Gilsey House, NY Reproduced existing cornice
59th Street Terminal, NY Historic Restoration of entranceway
Korean Consulate, Wash. D.C. Cornice and window surrounds
Brown University, RI Balustrade and cornice
Stark County Courthouse, OH Balustrade
William and Mary College, VA Cornice
University of Washington, WA Cornice


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